Factory Manchester’s Incredible Competent Security

Factory Manchester's Incredible Competent Security

Factory Manchester’s Incredible Competent Security

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  1. Imagine your job is policing entry to a big house with a dodgy roof that sells 50p skittlebombs, punching kids younger than your son because they said something mean to your best pal John

  2. Disgraceful. This is why all the door staff in any venue I have to run need to have done proper conflict management courses. I ran a student nightclub a few years ago in sheffield and would never have stood for this.

  3. This kind of thing happens far more often than you’d think. If it isn’t recorded by a member of the public then, clubs will cover up for bouncers. I knew a guy pushed down the stairs by heavy handed bouncers. The club denied it happened and said they’d checked the CCTV and there was nothing there. He asked for a copy of the CCTV and they told him it wouldn’t be possible. Unless you can prove it yourself the club’s won’t do anything about it. He could have gone to the police, but what are the chances if the club told the police it didn’t happen they’d take it at face value? The police don’t want to intervene unless the person is badly injured or it’s a PR disaster not to get involved.

  4. I don’t know if anyone else has had this, but I always got an ‘off’ vibe about the bouncers at factory. They always seemed to be way too verbally aggressive and on edge even before the place opened.

  5. > “Any security personnel found to be involved will be terminated with immediate effect, regardless of the outcome of any police investigation.

    Nice to see the club is taking it seriously.

  6. The bouncers there have always been more on the dickish side.

    Good job this got filmed otherwise it would have been covered up, like plenty of other “incidents” no doubt will have been.

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