Looking for advice on where to move to please

I know there’s the big megathread but I’m looking for some specific advice on where to move to so I can start researching areas before the new year.

At the moment I’m living in Whalley Range which is good because my partner and I are both working in the business park next to Alexandra Park so we can walk to work.

However, I have recently got a new job that is based in the city centre for the time being and then will be moving to Oldham. Our intention is for both of us to use public transport to get to and from work. The issue is that my start time is 0700 so I’d have to be in Oldham by that time when the business moves so I’d have to have a reliable way of getting to work by that time.

The reason I write this thread is every time I ask anyone in person where would be best to move to I’m greeted with “ooh not Oldham” or another vague answer. Neither of us are from Manchester so I’m just not familiar enough to know where would be best.

Sorry if I’m doing wrong my making (yet another) where should I move to thread but I’m just looking for some guidance.

We dont have children so schools etc are not a factor. I do like to feel safe in an area as I’m from the country side (and according to my girlfriend a wuss) and it bothers me when there’s a big violent crime close to where I live (like the stabbing in Whalley range this morning). I am realistic though and realise that crime is an inevitable part of anywhere that anyone chooses to live.

If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated

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BFI archive footage of Yuri Gagarin visiting Manchester in 1961

BFI archive footage of Yuri Gagarin visiting Manchester in 1961

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